My approach to weddings is the same as with all photo shoots,
but of course it’s the day of a lifetime, so we need to do a little planning too.
We’ll talk about what you like, style wise, the venue, and the day itself. I assume you like my style, that you’ve had a look at my website or seen photos I took for a friend perhaps – many of my contracts come from recommendations of existing clients.

I feel that the best photos come when people are relaxed in my company, fortunately everyone seems to say they find this easy!
Usually, the pictures my clients truly love the most, are the ones that reflect their real natural selves in a single moment. It’s this spirit that
I am always looking to capture – the one that transcends the genre, the location and even the weather (fortunately!:-)

So tell me what you like about my wedding gallery? I can wait to hear about you, the kind of images you like, the people that matter to you and how you want to remember the special day you’re creating. However, wherever or whatever your vision is for the occasion, we can take things exactly to where you’re comfortable with. Say hello and together we’ll come up with the masterplan!