When it comes to video I get a lot of requests from couples asking if I offer a service myself or if I know anyone who makes great wedding films.

Well, let me introduce to Andrew Kelly Films. He is specialising in making gorgeous vintage super 8 wedding films on old cameras. No fake digital effect plopped over regular videos, this is the real deal just like back in the day.

There’s something about the way it flickers, the warmth of the colours and its hazy feel that grabs me, a perfect way to capture your day. We recently shot an inspiration shoot for Ferme de Labarthe getting on like a house on fire, it was such a blast.

Many couples love super 8 for its vintage feel but also because of its discreet style, leaving the couple more comfortable with the idea of being filmed. Andrew drifts in and out of scenes with his small hand held camera and you just forget he’s there.

Enjoy the film from our shoot and you can say hello here. Tell him I say hi!