Clare and Ryan | Elopement in Ireland

It was one of my favourite weddings ever!

Clare and Ryan eloped from sunny California to Ireland in March. They had a beautiful humanist ceremony in Corcomroe Abbey,

and then we went for a three hour drive on the scenic Mayo coast.

There were no guests and no cakes. Just the three of us + driver:)

It was just wonderful!

Thank you friends!

“Darek!!! Ryan and I just finished looking at the pictures. We love them! Amazing!!! That was just the best day ever, I just want to re-live it over and over again. Now we can, in a way, with your photos. We cannot begin to thank you enough. You are such a wonderful person and talented photographer. Please do not ever hesitate to contact us if you are headed to Northern California. We would love to show you the redwoods. We both wish you nothing but the best and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The pictures are the most stunning I have ever seen. They are the best gift we could have asked for. Thank you friend!

With deepest gratitude,”
Ryan and Clare


Wedding planer: Annie from

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